Dr. David Kaminsky


The amazing journey that this practice and this community have taken me on in the last almost 20 years has been a tremendous blessing. I’ve been through a lot in the sense of growing up with this community and it always comes back to giving, living, and serving this community. The blessing of joining someone’s healthcare team is something that after all of this time, and thousands of patients has never lost it’s luster, it’s blessing. My team and I focus on the relationship, the human being standing in front of us that needs us for something. You might come into the office for back pain but need to learn where that back pain or neck pain come from. You might need to learn how to lose weight, how to really and truly create a day-to-day life that is healthier and ultimately makes you happier. We can’t do it for you but we can do it WITH you. Our job is to guide, to teach, to train. If you want back pain relief, that’s almost a guarantee, but if you want to live a life of freedom and Joy, well, we’d be blessed to help you figure that out.

We train you with Science and LoVE. We support you on your journey. We are here to teach the process, for there in lies your progress.

Yes, this is the section of the website that I’m supposed to tell you about school and associations and marathons and my fabulous wife and kids. All blessings, all people and things I couldn’t thrive without. BS from Maryland, Life University School of Chiropractic (Doctorate, Masters, and Fellowship), two incredible kids, NYC Marathon (check), spinning classes weekly like a beast, eating veggies like it’s my job, hydrated, pretty well-rested, I LoVE books, I LoVE the Dave Matthews Band. None of this makes me a great Chiropractor or better served to help you. It’s all in my passion, my heart, my gratitude, my team, my absolutely glorious, amazing team. That’s not taught at school, it’s earned and I’m proud of the focus and drive we have at the office.

Come by, you’ll be really glad you did.

We can’t do it for you but we can do it WITH you!